SBCSS Volunteer Opportunities

SBCSS is seeking volunteers to assist with club business. Our club cannot function without the help of our volunteer-run board, plant sale, and garden tour committees. Please consider volunteering your time to help our community organization. Help spread the word with your friends and family!

We are seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Raffle Caller Team (3-4 people)- Attends monthly SBCSS meetings and calls raffle tickets at the end of the meeting.

A/V Coordinator – sets up laptop, projector, and microphone/speaker at each monthly meeting. Troubleshoots technical difficulties and stores A/V equipment between meetings.

Garden Tour Committee (2-3 people) – works with the SBCSS President to plant 2-3 garden tours per year. Identifies and contacts community members to host tours. Writes tour descriptions for the SBCSS newsletter.

Plant Show and Sale Committee (4-5 people) – works with the SBCSS President to plan the annual show and sale and buying trip. Oversees volunteers and coordinates the show area, silent auction, and outside vendors.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering please contact Anna Bower at for more information.